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Great for a room with direct sunlight

I really enjoy the curtains. I bought them online, so I misjudged a bit the colour thinking it was actually brighter. The pictures on the website feature wall-length windows, so keep in mind the upper half of the example as the contrast with the wall when you buy the curtains. They were a bit more smokey than I thought they would be, but that is also because I have cream walls. The curtains themselves are gorgeous. I love the semi-transparent ones, they offer great privacy while leaving some light in, great for a room with direct sunlight in which you do not want a blackout curtain. The installation is very simple and the hooks are great with individual height adjustment. The measurement system works well and I got exactly the measurements I wanted for my house. I wholeheartedly recommend them and the service. Seconds photo is comparison website vs in my home. Best regards, Ovi



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